EB DESIRE Puff 7000 Fun Dual-Flavor Disposable Vape

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EB7000D is a unique and innovative disposable vape from EB DESIRE. This unique e-cigarette features a dual-flavor design, allowing you to experience the fun of two different flavors in one device with a rotary mouthpiece to switch. This disposable e-cigarette comes with two independent e-liquid tanks, each with a capacity of 7ml, providing a total of 14ml of e-liquid.  7000 puffs allow you to enjoy your favorite flavors for a long time, making it a cost-effective choice. The 550mAh rechargeable battery ensures you can use up every last drop of e-liquid, and the convenient Type-C charging port enables fast and efficient charging.

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Puffs Up to 7000;  
E-liquid 7+7 ml
Coil Mesh coil;  
Resistance 1.2 ohm
Battery 550 mAh rechargeable
Charging Port Type-C
Size 42*97*22mm ;
Net Weight 77g

EB DESIRE Puff 7000 Fun Dual-Flavor Disposable Vape

EB DESIRE Puff 7000 Fun Dual-Flavor Disposable Vape  (3)

Fun Rotary Mouthpiece to Switch Flavors

One of the standout features of the EB7000D is its rotatable mouthpiece. You can easily switch between two flavors with a simple twist and a satisfying crisp "click" sound. This cooling and stress-relieving effect enhances your smoking experience.

Stylish Looking and Comfortable to Hold

In terms of aesthetics, there are beautiful gradients of two colors on the EB7000D body, indicating the existence of two different flavors. The stylish design is sure to catch the eye of any vaping enthusiast. The EB7000D has a long box shape with rounded corners that fits comfortably in the hand and provides a seamless smoking experience.

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Pleasant Vaping Experience With Mesh Coil

The EB7000D also excels in terms of performance. The mesh coil ensures large vapor cloud and excellent taste, allowing you to fully enjoy every puff. 

Fantastic Flavor Combinations

This disposable vape is ideal for those who want to explore and enjoy a variety of flavors. Eight carefully selected flavor combinations are sure to satisfy your taste. Many of the ingredients are derived from natural flowers and fruits, guaranteeing an authentic and satisfying vaping experience.

EB DESIRE Puff 7000 Fun Dual-Flavor Disposable Vape  (1)

Tasty Vaping Juice of 8 Flavors

These 8 pairs of flavor include Cherry Bomb Vs. Redbull, Strawberry Mango Vs. Melon, Cranberry Cotton Candy Vs. Mojito Ice, Berry Mix Vs. Watermelon Ice, Cherry Peach Lemonade Vs. Peach Nectar, Blueberry Ice Vs. Cranberry Soda, Garnet Ice Vs. Pear Lemonade, Sakura Grape Vs. Ice Spring.

Package Information

Individual Box  1* EB7000D Disposable Vape
Middle Display Box  10pcs/pack
Quantity/CTN  200pcs (20 packs)
Gross Weight  19 kg/CTN

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